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Welcome to AsyAgro

About AsyAgro

Only a metaverse platform for next generation agriculture System

Asyagro is an International platform aimed to developed platform for agricultural Industry to obtain spontaneous advantages of blockchain Technology into Agro Industrial sector. Where individuals and companies can directly interact with each other through Blockchain Technology and utilize Asyagro platform with various innovative solution of IOT, Web 3.0 and Asyagro own blockchain. After massive innovation of Virtual World being into place like NFT & Metaverse. Asyagro going to create history of its own Virtual Agro World in future for indviduals and Companies. This is a Coin that will become a tool for the agro industrial market, and with the help of which user of the agro based blockchain platform will be able to conduct their transactions on the purchase and sale of goods in the agricultural Sector. This is the revolutionary Coin for future business of Agricultural sector.


Why Choose Asyagro?

Fast and secure:

Asyagro is different because of its potential features of security, privacy, transparency, blockchain technology, Farming, lending, P2P trading, and NFTs market place. We have created a platform to connect people.

Strong security:

Built and maintained to the highest security practices to ensure our users and their funds are always protected. Asyagro provides private and secure proprietary technology applications (app), decentralized exchange with its encrypted communication platform.

Free from corporate and government interference:

Our Coin transactions have no intermediary institutions or government involvement, the costs of transacting are kept very low. Additionally, any transfer happens very quickly, eliminating the Inconvenience of typical authorization and waiting period requirements

Low Transaction Fees:

Most of the people feel this pain. But the use of Asyagro TOKEN takes this pain away. Its users do not have to worry about expensive transaction fee and chargeback.

Easy Accessibility:

Paying with cryptocurrency is simple and convenient. Digital payments using smartphones instead of a credit card is awfully convenient. Meaning, you can make payments for anything using Asyagro TOKEN

Our Products

Explore Our Innovations

VR/AR products

Next generation VR/AR Simulations to train the workers for the agriculture

AsyAgro Gaming

AsyAgro gaming platform for the players to earn ASY token with playing game.


Innovative and next generation IoT(Internet Of Things) Devices for Smart farming


ASY Cards for agriculture payment System to earn extra benefit and rewards

Road Map

Build marketplace, Launch Of IoT based System fro farmers

Q1 2022

Team Expansion, Launch staking pool, Launch p2e virtual platform

Q2-Q3 2022

Improve ASY utility, Collaboration with farmer and agriculture Industry

Q4 2022

Development of 3rd generation of blockchain, New technology in acceptance method, Web 3.0

Q1-Q2 2023

Fee Improvements, Cash Addr, Best Money, ASY Card

Q3 2023

Sighash, Pre-consensus, Fractional Satoshis

Q4 2023

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